Identify Team Resources
TEAM BOOSTER allows the team to understand and take ownership of the 8 drivers of collective performance (Agility, Interpersonal Relations, Team Management, Coordination, Decision Making, Communication, Performance Monitoring and Feedback, Knowledge Sharing), to identify its collective resources, its assets, and its development priorities as well as to become aware of the possible discrepancy between its perception and the objective results.


Leverage on Interactions
TEAM BOOSTER allows the team to understand its modes of interaction and to become aware of its tendency towards cohesion and conflict within the environment (being together), the activity (working together), and the strategy (going far together).
image cohesion
image efficacite


Improve collective effectiveness.
TEAM BOOSTER delivers concrete recommendations that the team can immediately put in place to improve its efficiency. They show the 3 drivers considered the most useful and also the most challenging for the team!


Implement collectively.
Time for collective sharing encourages team’s ownership of its results and promotes the commitment of everyone in the collective development plan. The team gains in autonomy, vision, collective responsibility and takes charge of its transformational agenda.
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